Tips to attract fall vacation rental reservations

Do you want to extend the booking season at your holiday home beyond the high summer season? If it’s priced right and marketed well, your vacation rental can provide you with some extra income with very little extra effort.

Most homeowners in Spain and Islands are aware of the ideal time of the year: the crowds and traffic have finally subsided, the water is still warm, the air cool and dry at night and often sunny and mild during the day, and the lighting and scenery can be exquisite. Tourists, too, are constantly growing to appreciate the value of spending their holidays off-season and are rewarded with considerably lower prices as well. Let us help you take advantage of this opportunity to extend your booking season.

How can you promote the bookings of your autumn holiday rental house?

Here are some tips:

  • Add information to your profile to promote the advantages of visiting in the fall (spring). Modify the description of your property, put some more exterior photos more faithful to the season you are promoting and add some images of interesting events that fall at this time, for example.

– If the minimum stay requirement is currently 7 nights, consider shortening to 2 or 3 nights. At Rafleys we can advise you on the type of contract that allows you to benefit from shorter stays.

  • Small houses rent more easily during the low season than large ones, so if you have a big house, try closing some rooms and rent as a smaller house.
  • Suggest to your guests an autumn getaway, a girls-only weekend or a fishing trip for boys, reminding tourists of the charm of the warm and sunny autumn days we have on the Costa del Sol.
  • Appeal to the wedding guests. You can suggest that your vacation rental is a cheaper alternative than hotels and inns. Offer flexible arrival and departure days to accommodate your schedule.
  • Attractive for golfers. The coast offers numerous events, courses and championships, especially in the low season. Offer a discount to your guests for a round of golf – we have some golf discounts for our guests at Rafleys. Includes an image of the nearest public golf course.

And then use a couple of features on our Rafleys site to make your listing stand out from the others and attract tourists to see all your smart changes! Contact us for more information.

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