The history of your vacation rental through well-made photos of your vacation home

The photos tell the story of a holiday rental and are undoubtedly the most important element of the online advertisement of your apartment. Be sure to take photographs showing the best that your holiday home has to offer inside. This means taking the photographs beyond the front door. Many owners forget that potential tourists may be new to their area and looking for some visual guidance when they look at the photographs. Here we list some vacation rental suggestions that we share with our owners that help tell the story of their house and grab the attention of travelers: Inside: There have to be several photographs from different angles for each of the rooms. Also include the bathrooms. Take care of the details, such as crooked paintings or unnecessary objects, which can give a messy image of the house. Be careful not to appear in the reflection of the mirrors when taking the photos! Decorate with natural flowers to give a touch of freshness and color in the photos. Choose a sunny day to do the session, making sure to have the crystals spotless, the pool clean and the gardens collected. There is nothing that has more attraction for the tourist than a terrace full of sunshine. Current?: Make sure you have photographs that accurately and concisely reflect what guests can expect to find. It is not a good idea to do a photo shoot and then make some renovations at home that leaves it in another (even if it is better) different state. If you make reforms or changes in the decoration or furnished, we recommend updating your listing with new photographs. Exterior photographs: Your “story” begins with the arrival, so show your guests what they will see while driving, they are arriving at the urbanization, the entrance door they will see, etc. Photos taken in the dark with a lot of exterior lighting can be particularly effective to ensure a smooth arrival at the apartment/villa. Looking out the door: It is advisable to have a series of photos from inside your holiday home looking out the front door. With the help of such photographs, future clients know what awaits them every day when they wake up, whether they leave the house or not. A view from the windows: Many holiday home rentals have stunning views. Make sure that you include in your pack of photographs, some from the windows – the good views attract a lot of attention from travelers planning to come to the Costa del Sol. Local Attractions: Many of our homeowners live in vacation areas and resorts. Why not include some photos in your list of local points of interest and favorite corners? Travelers like this kind of local information, and with the help of such a simple detail, your ad can rise a few points in the search list! Morning and evening: Sunrises, sunsets and night landscapes are sights that are rarely seen on vacation rental listings. It is advisable to show your future guests what they can expect from Mother nature at every hour of the day. As a tip, photos taken at this time of day may require special filters and shutter speeds to give the best quality. Rafleys offers to help them find the services of the best photographers in the area. Contact us and get a discount for the rates of some of the best interior photography professionals, specializing in vacation rentals.

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