The best tips to get positive comments from guests and prevent negatives

Nowadays, it is very clear to most homeowners how important critical guest reviews are for the success of vacation rental apartments. The goal is to publish as many positive reviews as possible and continue to receive new and current ones every season. Why are they so important? Here are some important tips to help you significantly increase the amount of positive feedback from your tenants and also reduce the likelihood that you will receive negative feedback: 1 – Communicate: Be communicative and accessible to your tenants before, during and after their stay. Doing so prevents unnecessary misunderstandings and provides an important personal connection between you and them. You are no longer an anonymous business contact, but the friendly person who solves the requests that arise at your holiday home. 2 – Be proactive: Don’t assume that your tenant will submit a review; ask them for one. Whether in person, by phone, by email or by using the application form function from your listing, don’t be shy! Tourists understand the value of reviews better than owners and are often happy to write one. 3 – Do not delay: ask for revisions while the memories of the idyllic stay in your home are still fresh and convincing. Asking for feedback from the last tenants 6 months after they leave and in the middle of winter, they are less likely to succeed. Prepare your request for comments in your usual procedure after renting holiday apartments. 4 – Make it easy for your tenants: The easiest way for vacationers to submit a guest review is by clicking on a link from their email, or from the application form sent to them directly from their listing. When they receive their email, they are already online and in a position to write something quickly. 5 – Provide an impeccable home: The most common complaint of tourists is cleanliness. Make sure to give your home a deep cleaning before the season starts, and maintain a high level of cleanliness on every rotation until the end of the season. Follow our tips on how to keep guests happy and you will receive more positive feedback. They are truly the key to making vacation rental apartments profitable for you.

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