Secrets to a happy booking: what do your guests really want?

As a  host offering your apartment for rent in Spain to many tourists from the other side of the continent each year, you must be always questioning, what are the keys to a successful booking? What does a guest look for when he checks on different listing portals.

Is it only the beautiful photos of an apartment for rent in Spain? Is it the reviews and ratings? Or is it the text description that will steal their heart away? We think from Rafleys that it’s always a combination of various factors and we have tried to put together some.

The Location of your property

Maintaining a host’s privacy is essential, but the location is a critical factor when deciding where to stay and where to get an apartment for rent in Spain. Travelers don’t need to know an exact address of the apartment in Spain right away, but they need to know what the address means to their trip. Is the area walkable to restaurants, nightlife, markets—or are they in for a very long walk to public transportation? Is your street quiet, pleasantly bustling, or directly under a clattering train line? Is a late-night stroll is perfectly normal in your neighborhood, or should guests use caution?


We all know what an important role internet plays today for the company’s, services, brands and individuals who are active online.  We all google about something if we want to check the quality of the product or service. Imagine if a guest is choosing an apartment for rent in Spain, how important this reputation becomes cuz its the only thing that can give you a credible opinion on the quality of the place your choosing. Comments about the cleanliness of the place,  the location and the property and the overall sensation they previous guests had from the place and their holidays could give the new hosts that valuable confirmation that their choice is right and the property they are about to book is their best pick.


This one is a tricky one! Photos and videos are the only visual non-descriptive aspect that will help the guest fall in love with the apartment for rent in Spain.  It’s the external factor or the facade that will attract people to stand by and have a look. You have to make sure as a host though, that you do not take the photos from a wrong angle that would make your property look bigger than it is, wider than it is, or different than it really is. Remember, you do not want to trick your customer, just to attract him and show the nice highlights of your apartment for rent in Spain.   It is advisable to give close to reality like photos and also detail down in the property description all the things the guest need to know that can be misunderstood on a photo. Customers want details and it’s vital to give that to them. They will rather trust your property photos and descriptions if its precise, detailed and honest than a property with few words of description, magnificent photos and a lot of question marks in terms of details.


One of the key things is to let your guests know precisely what type of parking you have. I mean is it suitable for a small car or a  big car? Is it a private parking or a street parking. Do customers need to pay or it is for free for them.


You should always warn your guests about any particular or non-particular noises that might be the case. For example, if you have families with babies living next door or you have a shop next by or a restaurant that may cause any noises, do inform your guests about it. You better be honest with your guest than pretend to have a perfect place, hiring up their expectations.

Utilities & electronics

Different countries have different habits and ways to live. And this comes down to switch types, heating water or not, drinking water from the tap or not and other things like that, that will end up making a difference.  Hot countries have their own utilities and electronic devices and ways of protecting themselves from the heat and cold countries have their own heating system and acceptable heating norm levels to make it comfortable in cold winters. Now, not all your hosts might be informed of how things work in a particular country they are visiting. You should be clear providing instructions on all your home appliances and even be giving tips and information as detailed as possible about each appliance.


It is also vital that you share  exact and precise details on all amenities available todo with your apartment for rent in Spain Things like wifi, dryer, a big terrace or any other amenity and facility that might be useful or interesting for your guests and especially for families, for example, should be highlighted. You should never though hide any details like e.g. shared washer and dryer, or rooms that might not be accessible in terms of wifi. Any detail that might cause inconvenience to your guests or that might not be a usual condition must be mentioned to them. Remember, it’s better to have  lower expectations and get excited  when u get to a place over a holiday, rather than the reverse

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