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Andalusian rental law

You can find the downloadable original documents in Spanish on the right side of this page, although we provide you with a brief recap of its crucial points. The below summary will outline conditions necessary to register your holiday property.

Points that categorize your property as holiday rental accommodation

  • You possess an occupational licence and satisfy all the necessary quality standards for housing.
  • Your property has blinds/curtains to darken windows, and you have a ventilation system in place.
  • Your property has all the necessary furnishments for instant use.
  • Unless your building is “grade listed” or officially considered that of “cultural interest”, all bedrooms and living rooms should have air conditioning if in use from May to September, and heating if in use from October to April.
  • You have a first-aid medical kit which is fully loaded.
  • You offer some information and guidance regarding the local facilities, such as medical services, shops, etc.
  • You have a complaints and comments journal available.
  • The property is cleaned every time before the arrival of a new guest, and after such guest leaves the premises.
  • You supply various household goods such as bedsheets, toilet paper, towels, etc.
  • You leave your contact number with the guests in order to answer any property-related questions.
  • You provide adequate instruction manuals regarding the use of electrical equipment.
  • You inform the guests regarding the rules on your property with smoking, pet policy, etc.

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Organising the process of renting, setting prices and
dealing with the reservations

You must provide the visitors with a contract, which would include:

  • The property registration number obtained in the registry of Tourism
  • The details of the homeowner including contact number
  • The details of visitors
  • The price for accommodation
  • The start and end dates of stay
  • All visitors must provide their ID details in order for homeowner to register their data, a similar process to what is practiced in hotels.
  • You must sign a short term lease contract.


In case a property is being rented out for touristic purposes, but has not been registered and does not meet the requirements outlined, or the declaration of responsibility has not been filed, the responsible owner could be fined up to 180,000 EUR.
You must have the following:

  • Tourist license
  • Signed contract for every booking
  • Filled and signed registration sheets for every tourist older than 16 y.o.
  • House manual
  • Reclamation sheets
  • First aid kit

Registering your home in andalusia’s registry of tourism

  • You should present a handwritten declaration in local administration confirming that your property corresponds to all requirements established by law. An essential component of such declaration is your property cadastral reference and the maximum intake capacity as shown on the occupation licence, as well as the contact info about the property owner. By submitting this declaration you can consider yourself registered in Andalusian Tourism Registry and start your activity.
  • You must show the registration number which you obtained from the registry on all occasions of promoting and advertising of the property.
  • You should notify the Andalusian registry of tourism should there be any changes in renting circumstances, for example a switch to longer term rentals.

Short term rental agreement

The agreement will have the details of the landowner, including a phone number as laid out in the past area above to address complaints, the property’s original alphanumeric code on being enlisted at the Junta de Andalusia, the reservation dates (entry and takeoff dates), quantities of tenants and aggregate cost of the holiday rental.
1. If the contract does not determine it, it is assumed the rental begins at 16 and closures at 11am.
2. The landowner, or individual assigned by him/her, will show the guests around, clarifying how the kitchen and family apparatuses function and giving them security cards and gate codes to the premises. In the event that the vacationer convenience is incorporated into what is known as a Community of Owners, the landowner must supply his visitor a duplicate of the inner local laws governing the group so he/she keeps them amid his stay.
3. A duplicate of the signed Holiday Rental Agreement will be put away by the landowner for up to one year to give it to examination by the significant Authorities.
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