Most common myths about rental property

There are several myths on apartments rentals and most of them are completely false. Check them out:

Renting is a waste of money

This is the most common assumptions about renting out a place is that you’re wasting money. Renting a house gives a lot of possibilities, without being tied to a mortgage for many years. You can maintain a certain degree of flexibility to move to another house.  

Better to keep an empty house

Another myth about not renting out a house. A lot of people think that an empty apartment does not generate any type of expenses, but this is not the truth. There are some administrative and maintenance expenses that you will have to take care of. If you decide to your rent your house, you will have the chance to cover these costs and have someone who looks after your house, avoiding the effects of the passage of time.  

Selling is better than renting

Selling is not always a good option. It usually takes more time to find a buyer and it leads to a lot of expenses. Furthermore, you are giving up a part of your patrimony, with a consequent loss of rent profitability.

Estate agencies are unnecessary

Several owners prefer to rent their properties on their own, without any real estate support, because they think that their services are not necessary. Agencies give you the chance to avoid bureaucratic mistakes and to have an additional support for any issue during the period of the contract. Furthermore, you might increase your chance to find a renter, who meets as well your requirements.

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