Most Common Guest Profiles in Holiday Rental Industry in Spain

In an endless quest to decode millennial behavior, marketers have made thousands of studies on spending habits trying to detect a common behavioral pattern of today’s consumers. And though we are yet far from defining on how today’s consumer psychology works we can certainly claim that its more about experiences and moments shared on insta,  facebook and snapchat rather than a collection of real estate, assets, and fixed goods. It’s about the mindsets and about moments that the new generations collect.  

From modern families to couples and friend groups which would define the main industry of short-term rental business,  all look for those special and memorable experiences. Whether you want to get involved in holiday rentals in Spain, you need to understand the type of profile you are looking at in terms of potential clients and try to offer the best package of experience via renting your property in Spain.   Business Travellers   & Holiday Rentals in Spain

This group is probably the only group within the above mentioned holiday rental clients in Spain that is not really looking for experience but a comfortable stay with an environment that allows them to work and use their time, resources and space efficiently. Hence, having a comfortable, clean environment with high connectivity and no latency is their prime demand for travel. This types of client profiles historically opted more for hotels in Spain but the trends are changing and more and more business travelers are opting for holiday rentals in Spain rather than hotels. Well connected Business clients that use holiday rentals in Spain need an excellent internet connection, access to a working space and a comfortable environment that would allow them to combine a pleasant stay with work. Geolocation  Business travelers are looking for rental holiday houses or apartments in Spain that give them access to the heart of the city, transport and key districts. Getting on time for business appointments, trade shows or exhibitions is vital for these clients. Transportation We highly advise to all owners hosting business travelers to prepare their accommodation as well as guidelines in advance. Business travelers would be highly appreciative of your efforts on providing information on how to get to the holiday rental in Spain or getting out to outside areas and key locations around the property. Disconnecting After Work Providing useful info to your guests on tips and advises for after work entertainment ( from a local delicious food restaurant to a cozy cocktail bar)will make your customers happy and appreciative of your hospitality. A clean housing and amiable and relaxing ambient after work is all a business traveler needs to feel satisfied and happy about his rental in Spain.     Families with babies

Families and especially families with babies are a totally different story to business travelers. While business travelers looking for a high-speed i-net connection and working space comfort, families will look for at most security for their children and all the needed equipment for a family holiday! Security Make sure that you have no sharp corners and objects dangerously sticking out in the rental holiday apartment in Spain. It’s a must criteria when you host families with kids. Having a comfortably placed double bed, a bed for the baby ( upon request) and making sure also that the around the pool area is clean and safe is vital for all parents and will make your customers feel at home and safe. Accessibility and amenities Traveling with kids means having unplanned needs and situations. Hence having at hand a useful guide to pharmacies,  commercial centers, open supermarkets, vegetable shops and restaurants nearby will make the life of your guests easier. A parking space could also be a huge plus, taking into consideration that families will always prefer to rent a car and tour around.   Urbanists versus Nature Lovers

While dynamic urbanist travelers will appreciate the enchanting dynamism of a big city and will dwell upon its corners visiting museums, events, festivals and all the touristic spots the nature-loving travelers will prefer quiet sceneries with beautiful landscapes away from city crowds. UrbanistsComfort This group of travelers is mostly made of couples visiting city capitals or secondary cities and towns. Usually, they do not like wasting any time on cooking or any other type of housework. The relate to touristic hot spots and prefer to maximize their time getting to know around. They just love holiday rental apartments in Spain that are centrally located in a city or town. Entertainment You should collect the best collection of to do places and spots for your urbanist travelers. They will appreciate your attention to detail and the more information they have from local hosts, they happier and content they will be with your hospitality. They just love discovering the city flavors, best cocktail places, best tapas places and the best things to see. Hence prepare your info and get it well organized- to make your customers happy!     Experiences For this group of travelers and it’s all a big experience. These’ re the most bright representatives of millennial culture most of the time and they just love the rental housing concept in Spain or any other country they are visiting, as long as it offers them what they are looking for. Needless to say an ambient and spacious  and well decorated rental house or apartment in Spain welcoming these travelers back after a long day in the city-  will surely symbolize a success case for all of you homeowners out there!   Nature lovers

On the other hand nature- lovers will prefer quiet spots for their vacations, away from the city groups and they will adore the eco-tourism concept as such.  If you have a beautiful property in a picturesque natural landscape or surrounded by green scenery or beautiful beachside, then your property will be quickly spotted as a possible hot pick for Nature Lovers or Eco-tourists. Do not hesitate to leave some suggestions for your guests for local artisan wine tours which are popular and well cultivated in Spain or suggest possible vegan/ vegetarian restaurants together with some handpicked suggestion list of local cuisine. Your guests will love it and will ask you for more tips. If you help with some ideas on nature escapes and even more scenery to check on, it will only be useful to them Friendly groups

Friend groups are also an increasing part of the shared economy concept and more and more people prefer to travel in groups. The reasons are numerous but a memorable experience together with saving money is one of the main reasons.

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