If the opinions of travelers are relevant?

As the Internet continues to grow, online reviews have become more relevant than ever for travelers, and vacation rentals are no exception! Should you be worried about the criticism your home is getting? Yes! and for more reasons than you think. User-generated reviews have quickly become one of the most reliable resources for travelers when booking a vacation home. a recent study reported that travelers are 80% more likely to book a vacation rental listing that includes guest reviews. Travelers trust other travelers Your listing will be at a serious disadvantage until at least one traveler has submitted a review. Only from these comments can you assume security, credibility and trust for a potential traveler. Negative comments are undesirable and we should try to avoid them, but they are not the end of the world. When handled correctly, negative comments can be an invaluable opportunity to impress potential customers. Responding to negative comments in a calm and professional manner will show travelers that you care about your guests and are attentive to their needs. Reviews and star ratings can be the best marketing tool for your holiday home, but you must be willing to work for them. Be sure to send each guest a personalized email a few days after check-out. Thank the travelers for staying at your vacation home and let them know how much you would appreciate it if they took the time to submit a review. Vacation rental management companies should take care of this detail. Failure to do so would denote little commitment to the vacation rental of your home. At Rafleys, we take care that travelers leave a review, knowing the benefit that these bring. In fact we go further, leaving a suggestion sheet and satisfaction questionnaire in each of the apartments we manage. With that, we try to get maximum satisfaction from travelers and the maximum number of positive comments. Improving your listing with a steady stream of positive reviews will give prospective travelers the confidence to book your vacation rental, and your calendar will start filling up fast! Contact us to learn more about how Rafleys helps owners protect and manage traveler reviews #rafleys #alquilervacacional #casadevacaciones

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