How to Set Rates for Your Vacation Rental !

We know that it is always difficult to set the price of your holiday rental house or apartment! But we help you to know how to set the price of your holiday home You are the owner of a holiday home, and you have decided to rent to earn some extra money. Many people are looking for private holiday apartment rentals. How much money do you want to earn? When pricing your vacation rental home, it is very important to get it right. Naturally, those of you who have been renting for a few years have a pretty good idea of what your daily rate should be, but it’s a good idea to re-evaluate the appropriateness of the prices every year to make sure you’re not asking too much or too little. One of the best methods to evaluate your price is to see what comparative rental properties in your area are requesting for their homes. It’s not easy to compare houses: your home might be newer and have more amenities, while another one in the same price range might be closer to the beach. But if you research the offers on the net, at least you will see which houses tourists see when looking for rent in your area and with what prices you will be able to be competitive.

Alquiler pisos malaga particulares

The “low” season in Costa del Sol can offer many advantages for vacationers: warm days, cool nights, excess tourists and traffic are avoided. But the supply of available housing increases when demand drops. If you rent private holiday apartments as much as possible during the “low” season, you will want to offer attractive rates, which will be very different from your high season rates. Also consider a shorter minimum stay, maybe a minimum of 3 days, but a high enough daily rate to make renting such a short stay worthwhile for you. There are other times of the year where you can raise your rates. Does your city have an interesting festival to bring tourists to the city, for example? If so, increase your rates during that week, as the demand will be higher. Prices are typically determined by the location of the house (a beachfront property is more convenient and may be priced accordingly), the number of rooms (a 5-bedroom would be more expensive than a 1-bedroom house), and the type of property (apartment or house, luxury level). Then there are amenities that make a vacation home particularly desirable: a private swimming pool, a private tennis court, etc. All this will allow you to charge much more for your property. Get in touch to make the best valuation of your property

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