How to prepare and rent a holiday home to tenants!

If you have decided to rent a holiday home, you must make sure that your holiday rental is fully prepared. How to do this in the best way? “Being prepared” means having everything you need to show your tenant that you haven’t just walked into a hotel room. You should be sure that your vacation rental is ready to receive them.

To make sure that your holiday home is ready, you should check that your property has: – Exact address and with easy access – Have the house clean – See if all the lights and appliances are working

This will make guests feel more comfortable and bring a pleasant impression for those deciding to rent holiday home.

If everything is ready, the lawn is well maintained, your rooms are clean and guests are on their way, you need to be careful about access to your house. Will they be satisfied if it is difficult to find the key, the code does not work, or the localization leads you to another place?

If it is difficult to access the door of your holiday home, it means that you still have to wait a little and improve the description, adding some details.

To avoid undesirable circumstances, you should describe exactly and in detail how to locate your holiday rental and open the entrance door. Before the arrival of the guest must verify that everything is correct and that there are no problems with access to the apartment. Make sure you have your phone turned on during the hours when you are waiting for your tenant to arrive, just in case you need to receive any information over the phone.

If you want to be a good host, you need to take care of the tenants who come from far away. It can be very useful to create a welcome book, include instructions, tips, local magazines, maps, bus schedules, cultural agenda, etc. There, your guests can get information on everything from emergency contacts and Wifi to tips and tricks for navigating the peculiarities of your property. Give the tenants as much information as possible to make them feel as comfortable.

On the Costa del Sol, the weather is good almost all year round, but you must be prepared for rainy, windy days etc. and have your guests entertained. In this case, activities inside the house can help!

  • Offering some board games is a good idea to have a good time with family or friends. We recommend you to have several board games like cards, Scrabble dice etc. It will be fun!
  • DVD’s or TV channels Watching your favorite movies is an ideal entertainment to pass the time on a rainy day.
  • Leave some books on the shelves in different languages for different nationalities. At the flea markets in your city you can surely find good selections of second-hand books.

Make sure that your guests feel as comfortable as possible and happy in your holiday home.

Rafleys is always looking for the best way to rent a holiday home, so do not hesitate to contact us. We are also experts in the drafting of instructions. Go to our website to see examples and take notes.

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