How to negotiate the rent of your rental property

Renting out a new house can become stressful, especially If you mind about a precise budget. Negotiating the rent can be really useful. These are our advice:

Check our price ranges

This is one of the most important points because it will give you the chance to compare prices within the neighborhood. If the price seems too expensive, you can bring it up and try to find a compromise with the owner. The best thing you could do is finding prices of similar properties, in this way you could have another compelling argument for your negotiation.

Offer and demand

Make a research through real estate websites about the current offer and demand of the district you are interested in. If there is a low demand in this specific area, the landlord will have more difficulties in finding a new tenant. On the contrary, If there is a high demand, the negotiation will harder.  


If you really like the property and the owner doesn’t want t to decrease the price, you might be able to make another type of deal. You could reach an agreement on something else such as administrative expenses or new household appliances.


A certain stability in your work and it might help you to create a trustful relationship with the landlord. It’s really important as well, trying to understand the owner’s needs, for example, If the landlord wants to rent the property asap or not.

Long Term Contract

A long-term contract could be really helpful during the negotiation in order to lower the price. If you don’t plan to relocate any sooner, a long-term leasing agreement might be a good point to consider, If he/she is open to the idea.. To sum up: to get the best out of your negotiation, it’s crucial to know details about the neighborhood, understand the needs of the property owner and prepare always alternative solutions.

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