How to make your property “guest ready”

If you have decided to rent holiday house, you should be sure that your vocational home is guest ready. How to do this in the best way? “Guest ready” means that you have all the necessary things to show your guest that they haven’t simply walked into a hotel room. They must be sure that your holiday rental was made especially to host them. To ensure that your vocational home is ready, you should check that your property has:

  • Accurate direction with an easy access
  • Clean entryway and front porch
  • Working nightlights

It will make guest staying more comfortable and bring a good first impression for the ones who decided to rent holiday house. If everything is ready, the lawn is manicured, your rooms are clean and guests are on their way, you should take care about an access to your house. Are they will be happy if it will be hard to find a key or if the code doesn’t work? I don’t think so. If it is difficult to open the door of your holiday house, it means that it is not guest ready. To avoid such things you should describe exactly and in details how to find your holiday rental and to open the entry. Before guest’s arrival check is everything is working and that there is no problems with the access. Make sure you have your phone on you during the hours you expect your guest to arrive, just in case over-the-phone instruction or in-person intervention is required If you want to be an attentive host, you should take care of ones who want to rent holiday house from distance. In this case it is better to create a welcome book. There your guests could information on everything from emergency contacts and Wifi to tips and tricks for navigating your property’s quirks. Equipping guests with something to refer to the holiday rental will make them feel comfortable and valued. At Costa del Sol the weather is good almost all year round, but you should be ready for the rainy days too and put your guests to a good mood.  In this case indoor activities can help you!

  • Offer some board games
  • DVD`s or TV channels
  • Leave some books on the shelves

It is a good idea for a large family or for friends to spend time well. We recommend you to have a various selection board games like Monopoly and Scrabble. It will be fun! Watching favorite movies- is an ideal entertainment to have rest in a rainy day. Who told that in 21st century people don’t read books? For lots of people it is still better way to relax. Of course you should leave books in different languages. Go above and beyond to ensure that your guests feel comfortable and happy at your holiday house. Rafleys is always looking for best ways to rent holiday house so don’t hesitate to contact us.

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