How to choose a venue for your team retreat

Team retreats are taking hold in several companies, representing an important element in companies. During these events, teams can develop stronger and more productive relationships which can have a key role in everyday workload.   One of the essential points of a successful team building retreat is the venue. Generally, team retreats are hosted in rural houses, where people can work and learn together.

In order to choose the perfect location for your team, these are some points to consider:

The location of the property

Quite often, team retreat venues are located in quiet areas, ideal for working and being focused on activities. Nevertheless, you need to make sure that you’ll be able to provide transportation for the team.  

Facilities of the venue

You need to think which kind of facilities your team will need. Is your team going to work in the same accommodation venues? Or are you going to provide an additional space? These are some key questions that you need to analyze before booking.

The budget for your retreat

It’s crucial to aware of your budget, and obviously, some accommodation options will be more affordable than others. Keep in mind the size of the team and start your negotiation.

Activities included in the team retreat

The last element to take into account for your retreat is given by the activities you select for your team. For example, do you want to include some outdoor activities? Think carefully about all activities.

Rafleys provides a quite wide venue offers in order to create the perfect team retreat. Check out our rental options. For any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at  

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