Are the travelers’ feedback’s important?

1.KEEP THE FLOOR SPOTLESS. Most travelers are used to the level of cleanliness they experience when staying at a hotel and expect nothing less when visiting their vacation home. To ensure that your property is spotless, hire a reliable cleaning company and create a checklist outlining the tasks that you would like to complete before each check-in.

2.BEING A GREAT HOST. Travelers are more likely to leave positive reviews when the owners are responsive and helpful. Some things that can make your stay particularly memorable: -Meet the owner personally and receive tips on nearby activities -Receive attention at the time of check-in or check-out -Complimentary items such as coffee, snacks, firewood, wine, etc. -Have a welcome book at the property -Fast and friendly responses to travelers’ requests and questions

3.FURNISH AND DECORATE WITH CARE. You may think that travelers do not pay much attention to the appearance of their home. After all, they are most likely busy with the destination and activities of the area, right? Not so much. Many travelers leave comments regarding the decoration of the holiday home and the condition of the furniture. Sometimes, investing some money in some renovations or in changing the color of the walls or renovating some furniture, can bring significant results in terms of the popularity of your apartment among travelers. Opting for light furniture colors and a lot of lighting is the right thing to do. Attention to ventilation. On the Costa del Sol, due to the proximity to the sea, places with little ventilation can acquire the characteristic smell of humidity that guests dislike so much. Avoid it by opening the windows often so that fresh air can enter and placing air fresheners in the rooms. Pay attention to what tourists need in the apartment. For example, many travelers do not want to waste time cooking and want to spend more time enjoying the sun and the beach. So we recommend that you put a microwave in the apartment, even if it is not something especially important to you.

4.LOCATION. Even if your vacation rental is not ideally located, there are plenty of opportunities to make the most of your situation. Some ways you can do this: provide information about transportation options, inform guests about lesser-known attractions nearby, or present your home as the ultimate secluded retreat for peace and tranquility. Rafleys is redefining vacation rental management by providing landlords with a better performance. Contact us to learn more about our services

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