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With increasing frequency, teams of all types of companies, large or small, choose an alternative way to meet, discuss future projects and strengthen bonding. The so-called OffSite meetings are increasingly popular. They are usually done as follows: team members of a company meet for several days outside the office, essentially to focus on planning the future of the business away from their usual work environment, allowing new airs to bring a more relaxed and fresh vision. It is important that leisure activities that are interspersed with work hours are high-quality and memorable for all member of the team. These types of activities motivate and help the team to be more creative when thinking about new challenges for the company, to promote teamwork and companionship, and ultimately, to give more value to the business.

But how to ensure that these activities are optimally designed, and that they bring guaranteed benefits and not just unjustified spending of time and money? What is the difference between the events that succeed and those that fail?

Removing the team from its usual work environment can be very beneficial. Inspiration and creative thoughts about the different aspects of the business in question are the values ​​that are sought in these types of events.

There are different main points that we must take into account when making an event of these characteristics:

Choose an interesting place. It is necessary to think of something beyond a meeting room in a hotel. Consider more atypical places like museums, yacht clubs, golf clubs, cultural centers, sports facilities or luxury villas or resorts, in a different city, perhaps even in another country. That is, places that can offer spaces for groups of all sizes and that offer different types of activities. An interesting environment can inspire the team to think about new perspectives on the direction of the business or about some more specific aspect of the company.

Organize sports or physical activities. Give employees the opportunity to have fun with activities of this kind; this will serve to encourage teamwork, improve the relationship between colleagues and will be a break from the usual routine work. In fact, such kind of physical rest can make employees more productive and creative by giving their minds the opportunity to escape from their most frequent tasks and routines. Both spending a day on a golf course or organizing some water-sport classes on the coast are activities that are far from monotonous and boring, and therefore will serve to encourage this creative thinking. Of course, you have to adapt well to the participants of such Off Sites. If we talk about young and active people, maybe sports such as climbing, or having fun in a wind tunnel can be the most motivating activities. But if there are older people among the participants without much desire for risk and novelty, it will be better to think of horseback riding on the nature trails, golf courses or sailing.

Organize an educational session or small course on a non-work topic. Consider contacting an expert to teach a class on the typical cooking of the area, or about photography to enjoy the beautiful landscapes, or painting to stimulate creativity… Educational sessions also stimulate creative thinking outside the daily workplace. These activities are learning experiences that inspire thinking about different challenges and opportunities that will benefit the business. There are endless possibilities – be creative when planning those and learn about what the area offers. From traditional dances and cuisine of the area, to mycology classes with the practice, through yoga and mindfulness, there is a really wide and fun range of possibilities.

Attend an event. Give your team the opportunity to relax in an event after these activities. In doing so, you will give everyone something as a reward, which in turn will give them the opportunity to relate to each other. For example, take your employees to a play, a comedy show, an art show, a boat ride along the coast or a concert to reward them for their hard work. You can even make the events more interesting by organizing other activities such as contests or prizes.

In short, decide the approach you want to adopt. An event like this can significantly change the way the business is managed. A suitable place can make executives agree, promote creative thinking and involvement with the company, and strengthen the company’s position in its sector.

An event of this nature should not be seen as an activity that is necessary to attend, but as an experience in which everyone wants to participate. To do this, choosing a suitable place where you can organize a memorable event is essential.

Rafleys offers a selection of villas and apartments near each other that could be ideal for such events. We offer the possibility of organizing catering, karaoke, guided tours, sports, excursions, events, courses and much more. If you plan to organize an Off Site event, do not hesitate to contact Rafleys and we will advise you on the leisure opportunities offered by the area. Your Off Site in Costa del Sol may be the most special of all!

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