5 Reasons to choose apartment rentals over hotels

When it comes to holidays, the first element to take into account is where to stay, home or hotel? It’s always difficult to choose, but apartments have several advantages and we have came up with a few reasons on why you should choose an apartment over a hotel.

More space for yourself When you rent a house, you have the chance to have a plenty of space which is a big advantage, especially for families. Furthermore, houses are more children friendly with extra bedroom and space for playing. And parents will definitely get their own room and some privacy as well.  

Save up money

Renting out an apartment can make you save enough money and much more affordable. With a house, you might split costs with family and friends, with a greater value compared to hotels. Moreover, you’ll be able to save more money having a fully equipped kitchen (which the majority of properties have), having the chance to cook your meals at home.  

Live like a local

Staying in a hotel, you’ll always make you feel as a tourist. The best part, while you’re traveling or visiting a new place, is to live like a local. Renting out a house will give you the opportunity to meet the home owners, who can share with you tips on best places to eat, what to visit or just simply the best activities to try.

Travel with pets Another advantage of a holiday rental is the possibility to bring with you your pets. Hotels hardly accept pets and sometimes you have just simply to give up on them. Several properties have fenced back yards.  

Cooking at home

Cooking is another advantage of renting out a property, and also a budget saver. You could be able to maintain your food fresh in the fridge and make coffee or tea whenever you want to. Furthermore, If you or any other member of your family requires any special dietary need, you’ll be able to get access to the kitchen and cook wherever you want at any time.

Another interesting trend has shown that business travellers prefer apartments over hotels. The reason is pretty simple: several possibilities at the same time. Business travellers indeed, need a space where they can live, work and relax, in one word: a real home.   So as the popularity of apartment rentals increase, so do the expectations of additional services. Property owners need to be able to satisfy customers needs and create new and unique experiences, basically to make them feel at home.   In addition to rental apartments, Rafleys provides additional services such a transportation and catering. For further info, please contact us at info@rafleys.com.

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