15 ideas on how to be eco on holidays

The social concern about the deterioration of the planet has been increasing in recent years, especially due to awareness of such serious problems as global warming, climate change, the loss of biodiversity or the high volumes of waste. These circumstances have been the real reason behind the new eco-friendly trends, increasingly established in our daily lives. Having ecological awareness means understanding the fragility of our environment and contributing as much as possible to preserving it. All of us can contribute by recycling and trying to educate young people not to waste resources as basic as water, or to minimize the use of plastics as much as possible.

There are even many tourists who choose Sustainable Hotels, hotels that have embraced sustainability as part of their business policy, which focuses on the idea of ​​creating a tourist offer with the best services and amenities available from a sustainable, integrated development and respectful with the environment.

This is achieved through different practices, the main one being the location in an area that is respectful and integrated with the environment and cultural heritage. Among some of the basic practices we can find: changing the sheets only when requested by the client; have presence sensors and key cards for lighting the lights; the reuse of towels; the use of litter bins that facilitate recycling; the use of low flow toilets, faucets and showers; and the incorporation of refillable shampoo and soap dispensers. Responsible tourism practices benefit both hoteliers and guests and there is a growing interest in environmental conservation. By resorting to these eco-friendly hotels, tourists can live incredible experiences during their vacations, appreciating natural spaces and cultures, while preserving and minimizing their effect on the environment.

Rafleys is a vacation rental company and we try to contribute to the environment through the way in which we can, for example, with the delivery of keys (with lock at the door that allows self-check-in), instructions that are sent by mail instead of printed, making available houses with automatic regulation of lights off, etc.

Here are some tips to contribute to environmental conservation without specifically resorting to sustainable hotels (always somewhat more expensive):

  1. Close windows and doors when the air conditioner is running.
  2. Do not leave the air conditioner on when you leave the house.
  3. Avoid wasting water. Although the expenses are included in your rental price, water is a precious asset and we should use it with responsibility.
  4. Take showers instead of baths.
  5. Recycle, there are always separate waste bins outside the community.
  6. Use public transport and walk when possible.
  7. Use GPS when moving through an area you don’t know. You will arrive sooner.
  8. Eat less meat.
  9. Buy your products and souvenirs at local shops and markets. And bring your own bag!
  10. Reuse towels and sheets to avoid putting excessive washing machines.
  11. Wait until the washing machine and dishwasher are full before turning them on.
  12. Choose restaurants or cooking instead of take-aways (due to packaging). And use cutlery and ceramic plates instead of plastic ones.
  13. Do not throw pads, makeup remover discs or wipes on the toilet.
  14. Use biodegradable sun protection with fewer toxic components.
  15. If you notice any water leakage or other problem that leads to water and electricity wasting, notify Rafleys and we will take care of it.

Of course it is naïve to think that following this list of advices will stop the global warming, ocean contamination or deforestation. Nevertheless, each one of us can put our little grain into helping the environment deal with human impact on it. Take responsibility for your actions and educate yourself and your children accordingly- the planet will thank you.

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